суббота, 11 октября 2014 г.

Dawanda or Etsy?

I started my etsy shop in 2009 but had to leave it till now. And comparing to old times I am pretty frustrated with it. I almost have no any views. In 2009 I had the way more without any promoting. Also there was a very busy alchemy where I found 3 of my 8 clients. Now they are trying to recreate it in different teams but it is almost dead...

The most awful thing is that now they are happily selling all the Chinese mass market trash. And those ppl pretend to be small designer groups... They set also very high prices on their factory stuff. If you will search for the same items on the sites trading directly from China you will be shocked by prices difference.

Looks like etsy is only interested in very fast and big money.

I recently discovered this German site Dawanda and I decided to try it out as on etsy there is no any activity. So there in just a few hours I've got already more views than on etsy for a few months. They offer free listings, no monthly fees but 10% from sales. Well, if I will be able to sell there then it's better than to pay etsy for listings and not to earn anything at all.


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